Top Considerations When Ordering Customised Cycling Jerseys

Approximately 3.43 million Australians ride bicycles every week. It is a mindboggling statistic that shows how highly Australians regard cycling. Most cycling enthusiasts are taking the fun seriously by teaming up and competing against each other. Although recreational cycling teams are not competitive, performance is still critical. In this regard, designing a sweet bike jersey for your team has endless possibilities, but most people do not know where to begin. Luckily, making a few considerations can help you develop a customised design that meets your team's performance needs. 

Terrain Preference -- Recreational cycling teams can freely choose where to ride their two-wheeled contraptions. For instance, you can decide to ride on highways and terraced streets or dusty and muddy roads. If you prefer clean highways where your jerseys will not get dirty easily, team members can order kits made from regular material such as plain polyester. However, riding on dirt roads can leave stubborn stains on jerseys made from standard fabric, especially if you do not appreciate spending long hours doing laundry. In this case, you can do well with cycling jerseys made from stain-resistant material.  

Kit Storage Needs -- Even recreational riders need to hydrate and re-energise adequately. That is why quality bicycles come equipped with bottle cages. However, the bottle cage on your bike is not enough, especially if your rides tend to be unprecedentedly long. In such cases, a kit manufacturer can add a specific amount of rear pockets on jerseys to meet your individual storage needs. For example, if you plan to carry two or three bottles of water and energy drink or bars, there should be enough rear pockets to fit each item. Additionally, the pockets must hold the supplies securely using a zipper or elastic band. A zipper is often the best option because it prevents your water bottles and other items from falling off when riding on bumpy terrain. However, retrieving supplies can be a bit challenging when cycling.

Cycling Climate -- Most parts of Australia are sweltering all year round, making riding long distances a challenge. Although most cycling kits are made from quality material that allows the body to breathe, the scorching sun remains a nuisance. Therefore, a jersey's ability to withstand the brutal sun could be the difference between winning and losing. You can instruct a kit manufacturer to use light-reflecting colours on cycling jerseys if you will be riding along the Australian coast where the sun can be unforgiving. However, you may not need such customisation when riding in cooler parts of the country. 

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