Why Streetwear Is Perfect for Lockdown

The fashion industry is being turned upside down as large parts of the world live in lockdown during the pandemic. However, one area of fashion that is doing remarkably well during these difficult times is streetwear. This article explains why streetwear is the perfect choice when living through a lockdown. We will look at the increased comfort streetwear items offer, how dressing down is now the on-trend thing to do, and how streetwear allows you to have style even when you aren't going out and seeing anyone.

1. Streetwear is comfortable to wear around the house

When many people hear the word "streetwear", they think of wearing oversized graphic tees or faux-fur jackets, but there is a huge range of comfort streetwear items available nowadays. From hoodies, sweatpants, joggers, leggings, and even leotards. As people spend more time on the sofa watching Netflix, wearing relaxed clothing is becoming a major priority for millions of people. No one wants to be fiddling with their complicated fasteners while wearing an item of clothing, they just want something comfy and easy to put on. That's why streetwear items are currently a big hit.

2. Dressing down is on-trend

The on-trend thing to do when living in lockdown is to dress down and don items of streetwear. Of course, no one wants to be forced to dress down when they want to be out and about, but at the moment no one can go out and about. Because of the current lockdown restrictions, no one wants to dress like a million dollars. That's one of the reasons why streetwear is so popular right now because no one wants to be seen wearing designer labels. There is also a misconception that luxury brands are actually better quality. However, streetwear offers a huge range of quality. Instead of spending hundreds of pounds on a single item of clothing, you can buy several cheap hoodies or T-shirts.

3. Streetwear is perfect for Zoom calls

When most people hear the word streetwear, they immediately think of going out. However, streetwear can be extremely stylish even if you are just sitting in your living room video calling your friends on Zoom. Hoodies and joggers can easily be paired with chunky boots, and leggings are often paired with oversized t-shirts. All of these items look great with messy hair and no makeup.

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